Thursday, August 3, 2017

Fallout 3

Fallout 3

Fix v1.2 by Flint Eastwood

- dynamic Crosshair
- Water shader fixed
- sky depth fixed (moon, sun, stars clouds)
- Convergence presets for PIP-boy and VATS


-Be sure, you updated the game to the latest version (1.7).
-copy all files from the "1st_person" folder to your "fallout3" folder if you like to play in 1st person view
-otherwise use the "3rd_person" folder, if you like to play in 3rd person view  - higher convergence (can be buggy with crosshair calculation, as character shows up in depth map)
-To get the dynamic crosshair working you need to install and enable a DOF-mod like "PyDOF_FO3"(included) or "DYNAVISION"(FOSE needed!!!).
-copy the "pyDoF_FO3.esp" to the "...\Fallout3\Data" folder
-enable the "pyDoF_FO3.esp" in the Fallout3 Launcher under "Data Files"
-you need to set "bInvalidateOlderFiles=1" in your "Fallout3.ini"
-enable DOF in the Pip-boy Apparel menu under "DOF options"
-If you load an older savegame, you have to enable DOF in the Pip-boy Apparel menu again.
This is needed to get the DepthMap working all the time.
I disabled DOF in the shader so you don't need to care about the unsharpness.

Have some fun :)

Discussion-thread on Nvidia forums: 3d-vision/fallout-3-goty-shaderhacking

P   - Toggles DOF on/off
O   - Toggles HUD depth
TAB - Toggles PIP-Boy Convergence
V   - set VATS state and Convergence
E   - unset VATS state and Convergence
RMB - unset VATS state but can be used to set a separate Convergence for aiming too (maybe useable for an iron sight mod?)

Known Issues:
-some distant shadow cutoff (barely visible)
-bad performance (around 20fps) in some places (related to 3DVision CPU bug)
-some preset hickup in Pipboy when repairing weapons or similar (I will try to fix that later, as the older Fo3 fix had a different approach to change Pipboy-convergence)

3DvisionFix v1.0:
- dynamic crosshair
- convergence presets for PIPboy and VATS
- first try to fix the water (some reflections still bad)

3DvisionFix v1.1:
- fixed the water
- fixed a different water surface in Megaton water processing unit

3DvisionFix v1.2:
- converted all modified shaders to VS_3_0/PS_3_0 for better performance (didn't make a difference at all)


  1. This is awesome. Thank you for revisiting this game and fixing the water even. I definitely need to fire this up and play the DLC.

  2. Thanks a lot man!!
    I must play the game again, but in 3D now!

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  4. thank you very much, i'm playing it again thanks to you.